Homey Awards 2016

Up until a couple of months ago, when East Coast music lovers wanted to discover some new talent, they tuned in on Sunday nights to 93.7 FM WSTW radio show “Hometown Heroes”, hosted by legendary local Philadelphia DJ, Mark C. Rogers.

This staple of the Delaware Valley was running on the air for more than two decades, each week featuring local and regional bands, singers, songwriters, and entertainers. Not only is Mark an excellent interviewer, he is a true champion of independent artists. I can’t even count the number of careers he’s been instrumental (pun intended) in helping to gain exposure and critical acclaim, in many cases leading to regional and/or national discovery.

As if live in-studio performances weren’t enough, Mark also took the time to really get to know these musicians, thereby giving all of us listeners a glimpse into their on and off stage personalities. Although there are far too many to name them all right now, here are just a few that immediately come to mind, and have either won Homey Awards themselves, or been featured on the Hometown Heroes radio show: Angela Sheik, Andrea Nardello, Hot Breakfast featuring Jill Knapp and Matt Casarino, Nalani & Sarina, Danielle & Jennifer, No Good Sister, Jessica Graae, The Late Saints led by Jacopo De Nicola, Nadjah Nicole, The Honey Badgers husband and wife duo Michael Schutz Natrin and Erin Magnin…and many, many more!

There are rumors that the show MAY possibly be coming back in some form or another, we might just have to slide on down the dial a bit further to find it…but if such an announcement is finalized, I’ll be sure to update this post here with any current information. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Hometown Heroes Delaware Valley Facebook page, in case we get some hints about when and where we might see this wonderful parade of talent pop up again!

Wanna hear some highlights from the actual show that night? CLICK HERE to pop over to my IGTV channel, and get ready for 17 minutes of incredible talent!